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An image is essentially a 2-D signal processed by the human visual system. The signals representing images are usually in analog form. However, for processing, storage and transmission by computer applications, they are converted from analog to digital form. A digital image is basically a 2- Dimensional array of pixels. Images form the significant part of data, particularly in remote sensing, biomedical and video conferencing applications. The use of and dependence on information and computers continue to grow, so too does our need for efficient ways of storing and transmitting large amounts of data. Image compression addresses the problem of reducing the amount of data required to represent a digital image. It is a process intended to yield a compact representation of an image, thereby reducing the image storage/transmission requirements. Compression is achieved by the removal of one or more of the three basic data redundancies:

  • Coding Redundancy
  • Interpixel Redundancy
  • Psychovisual Redundancy

Coding redundancy is present when less than optimal code words are used. Interpixel redundancy results from correlations between the pixels of an image. Psychovisual redundancy is due to data that is ignored by the human visual system (i.e. visually non essential information). Image compression techniques reduce the number of bits required to represent an image by taking advantage of these redundancies. An inverse process called decompression (decoding) is applied to the compressed data to get the reconstructed image. The objective of compression is to reduce the number of bits as much as possible, while keeping the resolution and the visual quality of the reconstructed image as close to the original image as possible.

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